Michał Baran grew up in Poland before moving to Ireland in 2005. With a father who was an amateur photographer, he learned about dark rooms and the photographic development process already from a young age. With no formal education in the field, Michał graduated with a degree in computer science and worked within web and graphic design before giving photography a proper try. Feeling comfortable with a camera in his hand, he became obsessed with lighting and thought about photography all the time. Michał started out with shooting film set stills, headshots, film posters, and beauty shots while networking with various film figures, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Over time, he teamed up with the right people that allowed for his creative visions to take form.
After experimenting in different genres of photography, Michał realised that his own natural inclination and sensitivity as a visual artist lies in photography working hand in hand with other tool and advanced digital photo editing techniques. This gives him much more creative freedom.
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