Few years ago I started collaborating with hair stylist Bozena Sarek, on a series of hair beauty photographs. This was an opportunity to open new fields of exploration with this genre of photography. Chasing perfection, we've been able to capture a sense of wonder in this series of black & white beauty shots. Photos won several awards and earn me the title of 'Hasselblad Master' but also has helped Bozena win many hair awards in editions of ‘Style Masters International Contest’ by Revlon.
● Hasselblad Masters 2018 Competition winner in the Beauty/Fashion category 
● Monochrome Awards - 1 st place Fashion/Beauty and Photographer of the Year title
● 1st place in Beauty/Fashion category of 'International Photographer of the Year' photo contest

● Country Winner (Ireland) of The Style Masters International Contest 2017 by Revlon
● Country Winner (Ireland) of The Style Masters International Contest 2015 by Revlon
● Creativity Award in Style Masters International Contest 2014 by Revlon

Photo and editing: Michal Baran

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